About AquaGuard

AquaGuard Engineering Coating

AquaGuard Engineering Coating™ Infustrial is a modified asphalt emulsion which is applied elastomeric cold product of two components . Both components are waterborne and applied using a delivery system specifically designed to room temperature creating a seamless monolithic membrane .

AquaGuard Engineering Coating Industrial Grade is applied using a patented spray system which is creating a fast drying membrane is capable of adhering to most building materials in one application instantly.

This product was developed to address recurring problems encountered with conventional membrane systems such as modified epoxy , polyurethanos , asphalt coats and other expensive and short-lived products. The product provides profitable for projects of irrigation systems , holding tanks and works of sanitation systems protection , sanitary septic drainage developed by sanitation wastewater clearcoat , coupled with this . , He product is widely used for waterproofing foundations , underground tunnels, among other ndustrial and household type . The waterproof liner addition to the above can be applied to surfaces such as vessels, tanks , canals, industrial ponds, metal roofs , concrete slabs , wooden surfaces , boats or any surface that is at risk of corrosive substances such as saltpeter, wastewater high in acidity and alkaline corrosive .

AquaGuard Engineering Coating Industrial Grade is easy to apply , safe and profitable so it can be applied anywhere you need protection from inclement weather and environment.

This product is applied hot so there are no risks related to toxic fumes, propane torches or other application systems temperatua high . The product contains no harmful solvents or coal tar ; does not cause burns or skin irritation during normal use and those who apply are not required to use masks or use protective equipment .