Gutters Repair

There are several methods of replacing / restoring your Yankee Gutters. The most expensive being a complete replacement with copper that is soldered at the seams. If your soffits are repairable and your wood gutters do not have to be completely “re-built” and can be repaired, AquaGuard Engineering Coating can be used to provide a leak proof seal for the seams and transitions of your boxed built in gutters.

Because AquaGuard Engineering Coating is UV stable and will not crack or flake, it makes for the perfect waterproof Yankee gutter coating. In addition, it is a single part water-based liquid rubber product that is a safe and simple coating to apply. There are no noxious fumes like you have with multi-part coatings and AquaGuard Engineering Coating will not “pinhole” or “flake” like other products do. This pinholing and flaking is the first thing that allows H2O and water to penetrate through to the wood or metal and start the corrosion or rotting process.

Maintenance is easy with AquaGuard Engineering Coating – because of it’s self healing nature, additional coats can be applied (previous coats must be cleaned to allow for adhesion) over older applications and during the cure process the old and new coats will self “meld” together to form a seamless membrane coating.

Equine Applications

AquaGuard Engineering Coating Liquid Rubber can be used to protect the wood in horse stalls & trailers.

It is important to treat the stables with the membrane elastomeric AquaGuard Engineering Coating on floors that are in constant contact with feces and urine bring as fungi result and infections in these facilities are housed in the animal and the staff is in frequent contact with horses are treated from the floors and wood and metal structures, drinkers to suffer no wear and is much easier to keep clean. Urine and feces will not penetrate the wood enough to make a healthier environment both to the horse area.

In addition to horse stall floors, AquaGuard Engineering Coating works well on:

Slabs Treatment

Several years ago, lumber treated with chromated copper arsenate (known as CCA) was considered the answer to applications where wood is exposed to the elements. With longer life than rot-resistant species like redwood, you could purchase it almost anywhere, and manufacturers said the treatment chemicals, though toxic, safely stayed put in the wood. The main plus for DIY’ers is the chemicals didn’t harm plants, unlike creosote and pentachloro­phenol, two previously popular wood preservatives.

Without a non-toxic fence post treatment, people were forced to use pressure treated lumber for applications where the lumber is direct buried or exposed to the elements. By applying AquaGuard Engineering Coating on non-treated lumber, you create a watertight seal which is also suitable for direct buried applications. Therefore, eliminating the need for pressure treated lumber.

What are you gaining by using a non-toxic fence post treatment?

In the pressure-treating process, lumber is sealed in a tank, and air is extracted, which creates a vacuum. Then a solution containing chromium, copper, and arsenic is added. Because of the vacuum, the chemicals are carried deep into the wood. All three chemicals are toxic, however, chromium and copper don’t raise many concerns. It’s arsenic that is worrisome.

Metal Roof Repair

AquaGuard Engineering Coating  Liquid Rubber is excellent for the repair and restoration of metal roofs. AquaGuard Engineering Coating can be applied by the following means:

Simply wire brush away any loose rust or debris and apply! AquaGuard Engineering Coating stops rust in it’s tracks and is safe and easy to apply. You do not need any special torch-down equipment and because AquaGuard Engineering Coating Liquid Rubber is non-toxic and water-based – only simple safety precautions (eye protection and clothing protection) are necessary in order to safely apply.

Roff Restoration

Do it Yourself!!!

Restore the roof of his building, eliminating the need for expensive and short-lived asphalt sheets which is very common in our tropical countries, they are impaired and need replacement, which entails spending rearaciones left by the aftermath of the leaks .

Ponds & Aquaponics

The characteristics of AquaGuard Engineering Coating liquid rubber makes it perfect for ponds, aquaponics and water features. One of the most important features of AquaGuard Engineering Coating is being UV stable. UV rays penetrate water and in some cases become stronger – thus deteriorating pond coatings that are only UV resistant. When AquaGuard Engineering Coating is applied by the patented processes and for that reason we offer extended warranty on our work ponds and artificial lakes.

Skylight Repair