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Maritime Project

The Challenge: Protect Shrimp Boat Hull from Corrosion & Fouling

AquaGuard Engineering Coating Industrial Grade is a multi-purpose seamless coating used to coat pipes, spilway, penstocks and other facilities that are adversely affected by Zebra mussels. In the United States and Canada, total damage to water intake pipes and filter screens is approximately $3.5 billion.  Losses in Europe and Asia exceed that of the U.S. Power plants relying on water from the Great Lakes, spend approximately $60 million per year in attempts to prevent power outages resulting from water intake lines that have been clogged by Zebra mussels.

AquaGuard Engineering Coating Industrial Grade used as a surface coating reduces fouling by providing  a low tension, non adhesive surface that zebra mussels find hard to attach to, preventing colonization.  Un-treated surfaces typically become heavily fouled in water where Zebra mussels are present.


Communication Tunnel (ASHGABAD)

The Challenge:



Wastewater Treatment Plant

The Challenge: The concrete tanks were extremely fractured as improper construction caused failures in the concrete

Four separate concrete tanks were coated for the customer. Each tank contains liquid and solid swine manure; which is extremely acidic and corrosive.

AquaGuard Engineering Coating Universal Grade Coatings was used on the seams, large cracks and voids. Industrial Grade was them spray applied at an 80 mil (2mm) thickness.

No degradation to the coating has occurred from the harsh Hydrogen Sulphide attack. Project is still performing exceptionally well.


Under Slab Waterproofing & Methane Barrier Protection: AquaGuard Engineering Coating was specified in to be a waterproof layer below the concrete slab & also had to be a methane barrier in areas where methane levels were high.

Industrial Grade was sprayed on top of pre-cut geotextile at an 80mil (2mm) thickness. The geo-textile had to be cut and placed around the 200 plus penetration on some of the slabs.

The project was completed between December 2004 and January 2005 and was on a large municipal Water District treatment plant. The project was the largest infrastructure project in the United States at the time.


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